Two favourites from todays wedding between Anja and Tristan. They got married at the church in Stenungsund which is situated north of Gothenburg. Summer with a lot of sun, we found good light in the shade of the church and used the white wooden walls as backdrop. Light is important, and equally important are are the expression on the couples. So that is a large part of my job, to get the people I photograph to relax in from of the camera. I often use some kind of invite, and a goal is to get them to focus on each other, and thereby forget the camera for a moment. After all, it is the connection between the ones I photograph I want to capture.

wedding couple Stenungsund

wedding couple Stenungsund

2 Kommentarer

  1. Anneli

    Fantastiskt vacker och kärleksfull bild!! Härligt bearbetad och snygga färgtoner!!

    Vilket vacker par dessutom…lyckliga du som fått äran! :O))

  2. Mr G Pulcella

    to Stig Albansson
    I enjoyed your introductory slidshow so much ,Ifeel it captures
    the enjoyable mood of Anja and Ttistans wedding
    Is it possible to purchase a disc/slideshow as indicated as well
    as the normal prints